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Father Dan Ward vs Cardinal O’Brien

Father Dan Ward and Saint John’s Abbey could learn from Cardinal Keith O’Brien.

Who is Father Dan Ward?

( Dan Ward is by any measure a complex man. The lawyer-priest righteously helps nuns on property matters and how to deal with a Vatican investigation.

SNAP: Sex abuse victim wants priest to apologize and resign

A clergy sex abuse victim has written a letter about suspected predators to 1,100 Minnesota Catholic parishioners, but their pastor claims the letter is “libelous.” In response, the victim is urging top church officials to oust the pastor for lying … Continue reading

Regarding Father Tupa’s Bulletin Message

In the January 20, 2013 bulletin for the Church of St. Joseph, Father Jerome Tupa attempts to address, as he promised he would last Sunday in mass, the letter that I sent to many of the parishioners (and others) in … Continue reading

Letter to Bishop (and Pope’s Rep) re Tupa, Ward and Hohmann

Father Tupa knowingly lied to a congregation of Catholics attending mass in a diocesan building. Father Tupa knowingly defamed me. Father Tupa proved that he is willing go to any length, including slander, to cover-up decades of misconduct by members of … Continue reading

Video: Father Tupa Addresses Marker’s Letter to Parishioners

During the 10am mass on Sunday, January 13, 2013, Father Jerome Tupa addressed a letter sent to residents in and around St. Joseph, Minnesota. The letter discussed, among other things, recent allegations of sexual misconduct against Father Othmar Hohmann and Father … Continue reading

Weather Advisory Delays Information Event

The informational event planned for Sunday morning has been postponed due to inclement weather.

Awareness Event on December 16

You are invited to join a group of concerned individuals planning to meet in Saint Joseph before and after the 8am and 10am masses on Dec 16, 2012 to distribute information and discuss the decision by the Saint Cloud Diocese … Continue reading

Former Student #4 Remembers Father Dan Ward

Three excerpts from a statement signed and notarized on November 10, 2012:

Abbey Now Admits to 23 Monk Perpetrators

Saint John’s Abbey quietly admitted, via a revamped web site in the summer of 2012, that at least 23 members of its community had been credibly accused of sexual abuse or misconduct.

Church “lawyers” keep mum on speaker’s five abuse allegations

The organization representing lawyers practicing Catholic Church “law” recently allowed a man with numerous allegations of sexual abuse to speak to its membership at its Chicago conference.

Road to Recovery: Ward Must Step Down

Road to Recovery calls on Father Dan Ward to withdraw from the Orlando, Florida RCRI convention and resign from his leadership of the RCRI. His own credibly alleged misconduct disqualifies him from advising, consulting, lecturing, and leading other religious leaders. … Continue reading

Fox 9 Video: Two Monks Accused

Former Student Remembers Father Dan Ward

“[In 1975,] Father [JP] Earls had me meet with Father Dan Ward. Father Ward and I discussed my financial situation, the misconduct by Father [Finian] McDonald, and the attention being paid by other priests [including Father Bruce Wollmering].”

Former Student #1 Remembers Father Dan Ward

I began my education at St. John’s Preparatory School in Collegeville, Minnesota as a ninth grader in the fall of 1970. As a “resident” student, I lived in the dormitory during the school year and went home during the summer. … Continue reading

Former Student #2 Remembers Father Dan Ward

I attended St. John’s University in Collegeville in the mid-to-late 1970’s. Recent events at St. John’s, of which I have just been made aware, compel me to come forward and to relate an experience from my freshman year.

Allegations of sexual misconduct bring two monks under investigation

Brother Aelred Senna, spokesperson for St. John’s Abbey, confirmed the investigations into [Father Mel Taylor and Father Dan Ward]. He wrote in an e-mail to the FOX 9 Investigators, “I am able to say that Saint John’s Abbey is cooperating … Continue reading

Ward and Taylor Under Investigation

Father Dan Ward, OSB and Father Mel Taylor OSB, both priests/monks from Saint John’s Abbey in Collegeville, Minnesota (USA) are under investigation following claims of sexual and other misconduct. The investigations were commissioned with the knowledge of Abbot John Klassen … Continue reading

Letter to CLSA regarding Dan Ward Investigation

[Webmaster’s Note: Sr. Sharon Euart is the Executive Coordinator of the Canon Law Society of America (CLSA) and serves of Board of Directors of the Resource Center for Religious Institutes (RCRI) where Father Dan Ward, OSB serves as Executive Director. Sr. Sharon … Continue reading

Sexual Misconduct in Monastics (Dan Ward)

For a monastic, sexual abuse and sexual exploitation involve the abuse of the trust placed in the monastic, which can involve other members of the monastery. Such misconduct is more than a moral issue of abuse because society places a … Continue reading