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Fr. Tim Backous: A Conflict of Interest

“We use the word “community” quite a bit in places like ours but forget its most elemental meaning – caring for each other.” – Blog Entry by Fr. Tim Backous, September 2, 2009

Alleged Sexual Abuse Victim Sues St. John’s Abbey (w/ Video)

(Fox 9) ST. PAUL, Minn. – A man who says he was sexually abused by an instructor at St. John’s Preparatory School in Collegeville is filing a Ramsey County lawsuit against the school, the religious order of monks that runs … Continue reading

Where Are They Now?

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Seven Years… Time To Start Asking Questions

Today (November 10, 2009) marks the seven year anniversary of Joshua Guimond’s disappearance from the St. John’s University campus in Collegeville, Minnesota.

Justice for Josh March

Press Release [ View as PDF ] October 29, 2009 Press Release – “Justice for Josh” March * Joshua Guimond disappeared while at St. John’s University in Collegeville, MN in 2002. * November 7, 2009 is the inaugural “Justice for … Continue reading

Letter from Michael Bik to Oblates

Dear Oblates of St. John’s: Many, many thanks for your generous gifts—both from the summer and now from your Advent Retreat—that I can put to use to buy flowers & other décor for the Abbey Retirement Center Chapel & Dining … Continue reading

Saint John’s Concludes Historic Capital Campaign

“Saint John’s is pleased to announce that the most ambitious capital campaign in its history, One Generation to the Next, has come to a successful close, bringing unprecedented support and new opportunities for current and future generations of students, faculty … Continue reading

July 2008 Update

Three new names added to “The List”: Othmar Hohmann, Cyril Gorman, Anthony Ruff Regarding Bruce Wollmering… we have received information regarding harassment claims against Wollmering and his dismissal from the University. The Abbey and University allegedly covered up the harassment … Continue reading

Email to Kate Lally and John Klassen

Ms. Lally, I would like to attend the next Review Board meeting to discuss the following information.

Marker’s Letter to Chaphalkar

[Webmaster’s Note: The following email was sent to SJU student Raj Chaphalkar by webmaster Pat Marker on September 11, 2006. It was a response to a letter that Mr. Chaphalkar submitted to the editor of The Record on September 10, … Continue reading

Anti-abuse advocates to distribute literature

SHOREVIEW – A national support group for people molested by clergy plans to pass out leaflets in protest today outside a Shoreview church where a Collegeville monk worked for two years.

Archdiocese finds old abuse records

After a new search of its files, the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis has found records indicating that a man did come forward eight years ago alleging he was abused as a teenager in the 1970s by the Rev. … Continue reading

Abuse allegations shake St. John’s Abbey

From September, 2006: Pat Marker: “Extensive research shows more monks will be named and more victims will come forward.” Abbot Klassen: “That is totally an unfounded, false statement. I mean false”

The Illustrated Word

In 2002, under pressure of publicity and threatened lawsuits, the Abbey finally acknowledged “creditable accusations” of abuse – enacted over decades – against 13 monks. Anxious to keep the cases out of court, it negotiated a settlement with the victims’ … Continue reading

Your Turn: Abbot deserves credit for being transparent

The Times Editorial Board has called on the St. John’s Abbey External Review Board to “share with the public what they know, their opinions on whether (Pat) Marker’s claims have veracity and if abbey leaders did do all they could … Continue reading

Ex-St. Stephen teacher accused of abusing teens

Members of a church sex-abuse survivors group will distribute pamphlets at St. Stephen Catholic Church in Anoka on Sunday morning informing parishioners that a former teacher of the parish school was recently identified as an accused abuser.

SNAP/Marker Press Release

A former Minnesota man who was a 1983 victim of sexual abuse at St. John’s Preparatory School in Collegeville, MN is challenging local Catholic officials to explain why they shared a nine year silence about abuse allegations against a priest. … Continue reading

Abbey needs to address allegations with public (Editorial)

The latest round of sexual misconduct allegations involving Catholic clergy with ties to Central Minnesota hinges on two very familiar themes – truth and trust.

Victim creates Web site

COLLEGEVILLE – A former St. John’s Preparatory School student launched a Web site Wednesday to help molestation victims and challenged Catholic officials in a letter to defend delays in notifying potential victims.

About the Web Site, Allegations was launched by Pat Marker in 2002 as the “Abuse Disclosure Project.” It was taken down by the former St. John’s Preparatory School student and clergy molestation victim when he joined the St. John’s Abbey external review board. Marker … Continue reading